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Friday Fun Video: Muddy Creek SUP

After yesterdays Muddy Creek post, we felt like you needed to really see how awesome this place is.  Here Caroline Gleich shows how she explored the river on a SUP (stand up paddleboard).  Not only is the SUP sweet, but check out these awesome narrows you get to run through!

Oh, and by the way, in case you had any questions from yesterday’s post, we have already planned out a float trip in the future. And we will be bringing the kids.

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What NOT to do on adventures with kids

I’m sure we have some readers who look at what we do with our kids, shake their heads and think, “I could never do that” or “I would never do that”. And in some cases, they are totally correct–they shouldn’t. This post is about some lessons learned from watching others make mistakes and potentially ruining future adventures for their family. We’ve all heard bad stories of a horrible hiking trip, my first and last night camping, etc. and some of you may have these experiences.  We have one story that comes to mind every time we hear of others ranting about how they will never try something outdoorsy again. Read On


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Friday Fun Video: Kayaking Kids

When it comes to kids and kayaking, Jackson kayaks has it down.  I mean the owner EJ even specially designed a boat so his 2 year old could kayak.  Without further ado, check out 9 year old Sage dropping the Big Bend Dam.
Sorry for the video problems – we think it was worth the wait


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