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Prism Kites Review and Giveaway

(note: we’re switching over some things on our blog today and having a few problems.  If you cannot see a comment section for this post, please comment in the post below to enter the giveaway.  Thanks for being patient with us)

Today, on day 1 of our 12 part series of the 12 Days of Outdoor Christmas we will are excited to announce Prism Kites.  As I kid, I loved flying kites and seeing how far I could get them to go up in the sky.  Now Prism has taken that feeling and notched it up 20 times by giving us kites that are a lot more interactive, can go crazy fast, pull you hard, do sweet tricks and give us the opportunity to turn a windy day into an exciting, adventurous day. Definitely something we appreciate at Bring The Kids.

Besides making sweet kites, Mark – the President at Prism Kites, exhibits the Bring The Kids philosophy with his own family.  Last summer, he and his wife took their 1 year-old on a month long trip flying their small plane to remote sections of Alaska! He said that it took a lot more work and preparation then prior trips before they had their daughter, but was well worth the effort. So needless to say, we’re excited to showcase and review a fun product from a family that shares our love for adventure and enjoying the great outdoors.

So let’s get on with our review and the sweet give away of a Prism Quantum kite.

We’ve had our Prism kite for about five years and have really enjoyed it. This is a great beginner/intermediate trick kite. We got a few of the kites from a trip to San Diego and get to pull them out on windy days and take them along on a lot of our adventures. We end up throwing it into the back of the car with the rest of the camping gear when we head out on a trip and if the winds are good, we enjoy pulling it out and playing around.

The kite is straight forward to use with two strings with handles and a tough kevlar-reinforced nose.  I’m sure this feature alone has saved our kite from crumpling into a heap as we were trying to master the art of flight as we first began.  In the picture below, we are showing the kite before set up, the carrying case and the strings

Here is a close up of the strings and the handles you hold on while flying.

The assembly of the kite is quick and easy.  The frame is made of graphite poles, and each has a solid sleeve or joint to attach to.  Once assembled, the kite is solid and designed to catch the wind well.  Taking the kite apart isn’t hard, but is more effort than putting it together.  Some of the joints can get a little sticky when you’re trying to pull them apart, which gives me confidence that they are going to hold up, but a little frustration if it is hard to pull apart to get it put away.

When first learning, also make sure that you aren’t around people.  Soon after we got the kite, we were figuring it out when some girls approached with curiosity. As can easily happen as you are learning the ropes with the spins and tricks, the kite went out of control and did fast nose dive straight into the ground closer than I’d like to the girls.  Needless to say, with the speeds that the kites can go, I recommend heeding their warning to not fly it around people.

One feature that I haven’t had to use much is the ability to adjust how the strings attach to the kite to adjust for the wind speed.  You can simply loosen the loops attached to the kite and slide them to the outside or inside depending on the wind strength (the black tabs in the window below say Light Wind or Strong Wind to let you know which way to adjust).  Most of the wind we’ve used it in isn’t really strong, so we haven’t had to play around with this much.

Quick adustments depending on the wind speed and your desired level of control

Check out our video from playing around with our Quantum: Attack Kite


  • Small and compact – It is extremely easy to take on our adventures
  • Sturdy – We’ve crash landed too many times to count, including some heinous nose dives
  • Fun for the kids – As seen in the video above, our kids enjoy it every time we pull it out
  • Quick set up time – easy to put together


  • Some of the connections stick when dismantling the kite.  I’ve had to pull pretty hard to get the graphite poles to separate from the rubber connectors.  You know they are sturdy, but can occasionally be tricky to get apart.
  • Jessica has had a harder time getting the nuances of directing the kite and learning some of the tricks.   Some days she thinks that she might accidently dive bomb the kite with it’s Kevlar tip into her leg (she’s kind of crazy like that).

If you do end up getting a Prism kite, make sure to check out the Pilot’s Lounge on the Prism website for tips on getting started and directions on how to do the tricks.

Now onto the giveaway:
1.  Leave a comment telling us your dream family vacation.  If your email is not linked in your profile, please leave it in your comment so we can contact you.

Bonus: For an extra entry, ‘like’ Bring The Kids on Facebook and come back and tell us that you did.

This give away will be open until 11:59 pm on Wednesday, December 7th. Hope you enjoy!

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We wish you a Merry Christmas

I know, it’s not even Thanksgiving yet.  Well, here at Bring the Kids, we’ve had Christmas on the brain for a while.  We’ve been busy preparing something extra fun for you (well, we hope you think it is).

We wanted families to see that Christmas gifts are an amazing thing that can bring you together for the rest of the year.  As our gift to you this year, we wanted to share some products with you that we feel can really help families have great adventures.  These adventures will undoubtably have a far greater impact on you than the latest fad toy, and will probably be much more fun.

12 products, 12 reviews, 12 giveaways.  It’s the 12 Days of Outdoor Christmas!

For the next 12 days, we will be reviewing products that we really feel can help families get out on some awesome adventures this year and beyond.  To top it all off, each product will be accompanied by a giveaway.  That’s right!  Spread the word this is going to be AWESOME!  Hopefully this series will help you think of what you can give this Christmas to help your family have an awesome year full of fun!

There will be lots of chances to enter to win these great products, so check back each day.  Also, for those of you with a blog, here’s an extra chance to get 2 extra entries to use any time during the series.  Simply post about our series on your blog and link back to us.  To enter, just write “Bonus blog entry #1 (or 2)” and put a link to your blog.  Thanks!

Let the fun begin!


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Maintaining my Sanity

Having little kids is like being on a roller coaster. Sometimes it’s fun. Sometimes it’s scary. It always goes by way too fast. 90% of the time I go to bed at night wishing that I’d had just a few more hours that day, or gotten just a few more things done. Sound familiar to anyone else? When Chloe was born, I suddenly felt as if my life were no longer my own and I was on constant Mom duty. Being a mom is awesome, but sometimes, I just need to be Jessica.

What do I do to maintain my sanity? I try to get up an hour before anyone else (even Andrew). It may sound trivial, but it makes all the difference. Despite the long to do lists that pile up around here, this time is just for me. My favorite thing to do then? Go for a good run. It helps me clear my head and start my day off right. The positive endorphins somehow find a way to creep into the rest of my day and make me a happier mom and wife. Other days, I read, or blog, or spend some time rowing, or on a really productive day, I sew! Right now I’m counting down the days until next weekend when daylight savings time changes and I can enjoy the sun during ‘my time’.

I actually think that this is one of our secrets to getting out on adventures with our kids. Andrew and I each have our own time to work on things we want to do. This is almost never when the kids are awake. That way, when we’re with the kids, we can actually spend our time doing something productive together. It also gives me time to think about what kind of things we want to get out and do together and some goals. Time to think about each child and their needs, without them constantly needing something.

Go ahead and give it a try. Maybe it won’t change your world, but it might just save your sanity for one more day.


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My laundry tells me when the seasons are changing

Around our house, Monday is laundry day.  ALL DAY.  I’m one of those people who hates laundry, so I’ve decided to always do my laundry on Monday so that it’s totally out of the way for the rest of the week.  As I was doing laundry this week, I noticed something different…actually smelled something different.  Although the volume had increased (we’re wearing sweatshirts now instead of t’s), the smell was greatly diminished.  Does anyone else notice this?  Or maybe my kids are just ‘the stinky kids’.  During the summer, I feel like by dinner time, my desire to cuddle with the kids has waned a little bit.  They’re grimy, sticky, and smell like little sweat balls.  Yuck.  How can a 2 year old and 4 year old get so stinky you ask?  I send them outside all. the. time.  They run, they sweat, and everything in our yard seems to cling to their little bodies.

Yep, that’s one part of summer that I will NOT miss!  Now that the seasons are changing, the kids don’t sweat as much.  They also don’t require constant bathing since that sweet skin is a little more protected from the wilds of the sandbox and dirt pile by their pants and jackets.  Oh, bliss.  Okay, so I have to do a few more loads on Mondays.  It’s a trade I’ll gladly make, to once again, enjoy the sweet smells and cuddles of my kids.  Wow, I never thought I’d actually admit to being okay with more laundry…occasionally.


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Mason’s a winner

Okay in more ways than one if you want to get cheezy about it.

Each month, the Outdoor Baby Network has a contest for the explorer of the month and this month, Mason was the winner.  Go check him out showing off his mad skills!   Way to go big guy!

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How to Deal: Tantrums on the Trail

Every kid has them.  Every parent hates them.  You know what I’m talking about – TANTRUMS!!

When you have little kids, tantrums can be an almost every day occurence.  After surviving Mason as a 2 and 3 year old, I feel like I should be given a medal for withstanding all his screaming.  I felt like he was a time-bomb all the time.  Tantrums are truly a force to be reckoned with.  Recently, I was talking with one of my friends about her 2 year old.  She could not understand what was wrong with him.  He would have several tantrums a week and they would often last for an hour or two.  Well, rest assured, mothers of screamers – your kids are about as normal as they come.  Unfortunately, for everyone, tantrums are a big part of the toddler years.  Between the ages of 2 and 3, kids are really trying to figure things out and understand how they fit in with everything around them.

According to the Mayo Clinic “A tantrum is the expression of a child’s frustration with the physical, mental or emotional challenges of the moment. Physical challenges are things such as hunger and thirst. Mental challenges are related to a child’s difficulty learning or performing a specific task, or difficulty using words to express thoughts and feelings. Emotional challenges are more open to speculation. Still, whatever the challenge, frustration with the situation may fuel a child’s anger — and erupt in a tantrum.”

Now why are we talking about this today?  Well, if you have a child who is very prone to tantrums, it can quickly put a damper on your outdoor adventures, or halt them altogether.  Who is really crazy enough to willingly put themselves miles from civilization with a screaming toddler?  The thought is enough to make even the most patient parent run from the room.

While tantrums are not totally avoidable, here are a few tips to deal with tantrums on the trail.

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How to get to most out of gardening with your kids

Every year, at about this time, my world changes.  We say goodbye to swimming, sandcastles at the beach, popsicle stained chins, and start dreaming of chunky sweaters and warm boots.  That is, until our dream is quickly pushed out by the harvest still overflowing outside.  Our afternoons and evenings are filled with peeling, canning, blanching and freezing.  We really like to garden, so naturally, the kids get their share of digging out of it.  Some years are great, others, not so much.  This year fell squarely in the middle.  Although it is fall, this is a great time to start thinking about next years garden.  Here are a few tips for getting the most out of gardening with your family.

One part of our garden.
Corn, onions, peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes, beans, strawberries, and lots of weeds.

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