-Grew up in Utah
-Is crazy good at climbing
-Won Jessica’s heart with his mad skiing skills
-Is obsessed with the desert
-Has a semi-photographic memory
-Is always in shape (even when he doesn’t work out)
-Is a CPA and is great at financial planning
-Has more energy than the kids

-Grew up in Colorado
-Has a family obsessed with rafting and skiing
-Only caught Andrew’s eye because she’s decent on tele’s
-Stays home with the kids
-Is obsessed with sewing
-Constantly trying to keep up with the kids and Andrew
-Rotates between 3 pairs of Chacos
-Has given up on ever having clean kids

-Met on a chairlift at Snowbird
-Engaged on the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro
-Go crazy if we’re inside too long
-Want to live in another country
-Constantly dreaming up new adventures

-4 years old
-Loves dirt and riding bikes
-Expert bug catcher
-1st camping trip at 1 month
-Skis greens and easy blues independently

-Almost 2
-Mischevious to the max
-Happy doing anything as long as she’s holding a “baby”
-Is scared of most of Mason’s bugs
-On skis at 18 months

Note:  The names of our children and some friends have been fictionalized to represent other names we love!


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