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Are you ready for winter?

What?  It’s still 95 degrees outside?  As crazy as it may sound, now is the perfect time to start thinking about winter sports.  During the summer and early fall, most ski resorts offer great deals on passes and lift tickets that can’t be beat once the snow starts falling.  A little bit of extra planning now can save you big this winter and insure that your days include lots of hot chocolate breaks powder.

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Pro Cycling…strider style

Pro Cycling has been a big deal here in Colorado lately with the USA Pro Cycling Challenge here this week.  With all of this excitement, I’m glad the kids get in on the fun too.  Sadly we missed the Strider world cup at the finish line today.  Here’s a sample of what things were like, proving that anyone can be a pro!

Toddler awards ceremony – classic!


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Overcoming challenges with kids

Here at bring-the-kids, we acknowledge that although we enjoy getting out with our kids and having adventures, there are many more people out there who exemplify the ideals and philosophies that we embrace better than we can.  So we are beginning our interview  series of individuals and families who are inspirational to us, have great stories, plus good advice that can benefit us all.

As our first post in our interview series, we are getting the  perspective of two parents who have exemplified perseverance through challenges that would keep most of us home and never even considering the next adventure with our kids. Instead of making excuses, they choose to figure out how to live life to its fullest.

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Dear hikers without children,

Thank you for being friendly to my children.  Thank you for telling us how ‘brave’ we are for taking out kid out on adventures.  However, if another adult tells me “I wish someone would carry me” or “now that’s the way to get up a hill” as I’m lugging Chloe in my pack and helping Mason jump over rocks and logs, I’m gonna scream.  Yep, 40 pounds on my back is like a freaking party…thanks for the reminder!

Just warning you!



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Sometimes you should leave them home

Like when your whole family of crazy competitive adults all decide to go to a trampoline place.  And go crazy on the 50 trampolines there.  And get a little too aggressive.  Then your four year old will think he’s a grown up too.  He’ll run and jump, push and pull.  Until he trips on the mat and lands on his knee.  Although not broken, 3 days later he still won’t walk on it.  Bad parent moment.  I guess taking the kids there was not our smartest choice.  The funny thing is that Andrew and my crazy brothers were still talking about opening one up for the rest of the trip…just don’t tell Mason about it!

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Hiking with kids…20 tips to combat whining

No matter who you are, or where you go, chances are you are if you hike with your kids, you’re going to encounter whining.  I’m no talking about the little complaints.  I mean the ‘oh my goodness if you do not be quiet right now  I swear I will leave you on this trail for the bears because you are making my head want to explode’  kind of whining.  We hike a lot with our kids.  I think that makes us experts…on whiny kids that is.  Yep, our kids are really really good at whining on the trail.  Out of necessity, we’ve gotten really good at getting them to stop!  Here are some of our top tips for getting your kids to stop whining.  Most of them involve some sort of distraction, cuz’ let’s face it, mostly the kids are just whining because they can’t think of anything better to do .

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Why we keep going

So I’ll admit, there were a few parts of our backpacking trip that, well…they really sucked.  Like the first night when we were hiking uphill the whole time having the life sucked out of us by the swarms of mosquitoes.  Several times I was on the verge of screaming and storming back down the mountain back to the comfortable mosquito free zone of the car.  However, Andrew was trying so hard to make this work and to keep the kids happy that I decided to hang in there.  I had already made up my mind that as soon as the morning came, we’d be out of there!

My “I hate everything about this trip, especially the bugs” picture

Well, morning came and with it, a slight relief from the bugs.  We decided to make a short hike up to the lake and then leave.  A funny thing happened though.  I found myself caught up in it all, not wanting to leave.  And we didn’t.  Andrew went back down the trail to grab the tent and sleeping bags and the kids and I kept hiking to our next destination.  Life was good again.  I loved what we were doing.

As we’ve been home, I’ve had time to reflect on the emotional roller coaster I was on during this trip.  I wanted to figure out why we kept going.  Finally I had an epiphony.  We keep going because that’s just what we do.  In life.  In love.  In everything.  When something hard happens to us, we don’t just quit.  If my kids are particularly rotten one day, I don’t just throw in the towel and stop being a mom the next day.  Nope.  Andrew doesn’t just quit his job because he’s working on an awful project.  Nope.  We keep going.  I think that is one of the defining characteristics of the human race.  The ability to continue on when things get difficult.

Having fun and enjoying life once again!

Adventures with kids are the same way.  Lots of times you’ll just want to quit and head for the nearest McDonalds, but don’t.  Keep going.  Hang in there.  Tomorrow will be a new day with new reasons to play with your kids.  Yep, it could suck again, but chances are far greater that everyone will have a blast.  Just keep going!

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