Kite flying – who knew aerial attacks were so entertaining

27 Jul

So I watched the movie The Kite Runner and that may have been where I got the idea from, but who knew that a random day out flying a kite would turn into so much fun with Mason!

We were just letting him try out his new ladybug kite that grandma had given him and it turned into a great game. The joys of being spontaneous and trying new things out.

I love his laughs and his comments.  Despite a cold day, he wouldn’t go in and just wanted to keep egging his uncle on to get the ladybug again.

Having kids is a blast because I get to be a kid again and play as a kid. Learning new words like “dive bomb” take on a new meaning when spoken with excitement by a little kid. As I watch my kids discover the world, it reminds me of how simple pleasures in life are often overlooked when we get too busy.  Thanks Mason, for reminding me to keep playing, be creative and see the wonder in the simple things whenever I get the chance.

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Posted by on July 27, 2011 in Adventures, Misc


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