Let them play with fire!

22 Jul

As long as we’re there that is.  We figure fire is like a lot of other dangerous things in the world.  Most people are either  1 – scared of it because they don’t understand it, or  2-not careful around it because they don’t know how powerful it is.  I think water’s the same way, but that’s a whole other topic.

When we’re camping or having a fire in the backyard, we take that as a perfect opportunity to teach the kids about fire.

Why fire is good, and how it can be dangerous.
Where we build fires.
How to build a fire.
How to act around a fire.
How to extinguish a fire.

 Hopefully, teaching them about fire and how to safely interact with it will hopefully produce smart and safe kids.

We’re really just crossing our fingers that we’re not just really creating mini pyros!

Want more ideas on how to teach your kids about fire?  Check out

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Posted by on July 22, 2011 in Ideas, Tips


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