15 Jul

It’s a strong word which Mason uses far too often.  Yesterday we went for a little hike with some friends.  We ended up playing for a really long time at the beginning of the hike which made us ending after lunch time.  I had planned on going faster so I only brought snacks, so by the end of the hike, we had 5 tired and hungry kids between the 2 of us.  That’s when the “nevers” starting coming out in full force.

“I never like it when you make me hike”

“I’m never coming here again”

“I’m never going up that hill”

“You never can be so mean to me and make me to bad things” (yep, totally referring to the hike)

“I’ve never been so hungry in my whole life”

“You never should bring these snacks again”

Thank goodness he looked like this for most of the hike and for my sweet friend who helped me laugh about this…instead of screaming.  Kids can be so dramatic when you don’t feed them make them push themselves!

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Posted by on July 15, 2011 in Misc


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