Exposing your kids to the finer things in life: – Show them some carnage!

22 Jun

We believe in exposing our kids to the finer things in life. For many people that would mean the going to a museum, a nice restaurant or a cultural event like the symphony. For us, the finer things in life are often made up of experiences in the great outdoors.

This weekend the finery that we exposed our kids to was river surfing. For those of you who live next to a big river, you may know what we are talking about, for the rest of you, it is just what it sounds like. Surfing on standing waves in the river. These waves may be natural or man made and in this case, the city of Glenwood made the whitewater activity park a few years ago and recently added seating for those just observing.

What could be more fun than eating lunch riverside, and throwing rocks while watching surfer after surfer test their might against the river?  The squeal of delight from our on looking children after the ensuing carnage was priceless.   Some are good and can surf for 5 minutes or so, but others provide grand entertainment as the river engulfs them and they are swept downstream.  Mason loved watching the surfers and kayaker’s and could be heard over and over again squealing in delight with a new crash or cheering on a new rider as they would catch the wave. This simple pleasure that kept our son occupied.  Although we didn’t participate this time, we all got to enjoy watching the power of the river and enjoy one of the finer things in life.


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Posted by on June 22, 2011 in Adventures


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